Ways To Wear: The Feel Good Bracelet

The Limited Edition Feel Good Bracelet consists of a Clasp, Foxtail Chain Bracelet , Silver Bead and Glass Bead. The Clasp is about the same size as the Plain Lock, but has some sweet flower decorations on it. The Glass Bead is a cherry red and will also be lovely at Christmas as well as Valentine’s Day, but today I’ve got some combos trying to play on the fun, spring theme.

1 (2).jpeg

It looks sweet on its own or with a couple of other beads. The bee themed Spacers add to the flower theme of the Clasp.2 (2).jpeg

One way to style it is to use other beads that have some red or dark coral colors.

3 (1).jpeg

The red on the Glass Bead also fits in with the Happy Summer Kit.

4 (2).jpeg

There are some glittery stripes in a gold tone that match well with the Scirocco Glass Beads, if you want to tone down the brightness.

5 (1).jpeg

A Silver Bead that is approximately the same size as the Feel Good silver bead is the new Rhythm Drum from the Kindred Spirits Collection.


Here Spacers have been used to separate three Glass Beads.


Finally, in a cheery spring themed bracelet, the Trollbeads Anemone Pendant is the star of this show. The Daffodil Tassel can be added to the Clasp to add a little movement when wearing the bracelet.


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Water Lily Spacer

The Water Lily Spacer from the Kindred Spirits Collection is so sweet and such a versatile piece. Just one on a bangle makes a pretty piece of jewelry, whether it be the solid Silver Bangle or the Twisted Copper Bangle.


Pink Prisms match the copper so well and add a bit of shine.

2.jpegAlong with the Water Lily Spacer there is another new spacer called the Single Lily Spacer. I think it looks nice just beside one bead, like the Black Onyx below. The middle bangle uses the new glass bead called Chances. In between the Copper Spacers are two Spring Leaves silver beads. Even if you don’t want to wear a Copper Bangle, the Copper Spacers can create a mixed metals look at an affordable price.

3.jpegLastly, here is a full bracelet using two Water Lily Spacers on the Foxtail Chain, as well as the full Enchanted Days Kit.


Starting at the top and going clockwise the beads are called Hourglass/ Malachite/ Bumpy Ride/ Once Upon a Time/ Social Circle/ Soulmates/ Water Lily Spacer/ Chances/ Moonlight Dancing/ Sweetness/ Water Lily Spacer/ Perfect Moments/ Social Circle/ Love & Laughter/ Water Lily Family/ Amazonite/ Hourglass/ Water Lily Lock.


This blog was written by @MarthnickBeads.


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Get the Look: Golden Globes 2017


This year’s Golden Globes featured one of our favorite trends: the choker! Elevated with diamonds in the examples above (as worn by Priyanka Chopra, Hailee Steinfeld, Emma Stone, respectively), you can easily recreate the look with our Neck Bangle! Perfect for adding style to your everyday looks (as woern by blogger Jenny Plog), this piece costs a fraction of the pricier options shown above, but still looks just as glamorous. Love the look? Shop the Neck Bangle


VIDEO: The Bead Stringer

Looking for an easy way to add beads to an existing bracelet or necklace? Watch our video below featuring the new Bead Stringer:

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